Why an SEO agency?

If you’re deciding between taking charge of your own SEO or hiring an SEO agency, then here are some arguments for the latter.

Oftentimes, companies believe they can save cost by taking care of their SEO and marketing in-house. Whilst this is not a bad idea, it can be detrimental if the staff are untrained, don’t have access to the right tools, or do not have enough time to carry out the work.

SEO takes time. It takes time to write a quality blog post, to create a brilliant graphic or video, and it takes time to build an engaged social media audience.

SEO agencies have dedicated, trained staff to take care of all the above. Their staff have their own targets to meet, which means they will try and get the best results possible for you. Moreover, they want to keep your business so should aim to give you a good return on your investment.

Of course, not all SEO agencies are good – you have to look for the signs of the bad ones. If they promise the earth, sound too good to be true, or mention any sketchy techniques then steer well clear of them.

Look for SEO agencies with access to high-end software, Google Adwords/Analytics certifications, good reviews and most importantly people who seem easy to work with.

If you’re a smaller company then you may prefer to have a similar sized agency so you aren’t lost in a sea of other clients, but it’s completely up to you.

Many companies like to have a local marketing company so they can have a face-to-face meeting when necessary, and that can certainly have its advantages.

It’s certainly possible to look after your own SEO, but make sure you don’t underestimate it.

Your online profile is hugely important, and the difference being on page one and page two of Google for your keywords is massive.

If you do want to find out more about SEO then look up Moz’s beginner guide, and for PPC look at Google’s AdWords Certifications.