The Importance Of Keyword Research

How do you know what people are searching for on the Internet?  The best way to find out is by doing some keyword research, and then you can optimise your website so that it stands a chance of ranking for certain keywords that people are typing in to the search engines. If you don’t optimise your site with the right keywords, how can people find you? The simple answer is that they can’t.

The Love Of Longtail

The first thing to do is to identify what your target market is. If you are running a gardening supplies website then you will want to be appealing to those green-fingered garden lovers that will come to your website to keep their gardens looking neat and tidy. Of course, optimising your site for the term “gardening” is going to be difficult and hardly beneficial as there are so many other competitors. As search engines continue to develop, more people are realising the importance of going for longtail keywords. They can drive highly targeted traffic to your site and although the number of searchers might be smaller, research suggests that there is much more chance of a conversion taking place. So, the user lands on your site and is more likely to place an order for a specific product they have been looking for rather than someone just landing on your homepage for ‘gardening supplies’ and not really knowing where to go from there. Indeed, it is important to drive as much traffic to the site in the first place, but it’s all about conversions at the end of the day. You need sales to keep your business going.

Be Realistic

Keyword research can involve a number of different methods. In most cases, people look to Google to do this, and there are a few different tools you can use that will help you target popular keywords. The trick is to opt for obtainable traffic levels, so don’t pick a keyword that has hundreds of thousands of searchers a month as this will make it harder for you to rank on Page 1 for that particular keyphrase. Be realistic and go niche rather than broad.

Speak To The Experts

Some people still don’t see the need for keyword research before getting their website up and running, although in truth, keyword research can be done at any time – its just that most people should look at SEO as soon as possible so the site can return the best possible results. For those people that find SEO still leaves them baffled, it is always best to talk to an expert, and you are unlikely to find better professionals in the North of England than SEO Yorkshire experts. From knowing how to conduct keyword research to finding out what on-site SEO tips you can indulge in, the help provided by those in the know about SEO is unrivalled.

To benefit from a good search engine ranking, keyword research for your website is an essential practice and one that should not be overlooked. Consider what the most successful product is that you sell and hone in on this. If you have the best deals around and pride yourself on your customer service, you’re sure to want people to know about it. Get some good content on the site with good keyword density and you should start to reap the rewards.