Social media and the importance of unique content

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Thousands of businesses run social media pages with next to no engagement, and very little unique content.

Often social media can be the last thought for business owners who are busy with all other sorts of other tasks. However, if it is used effectively, social media can vastly improve a business.

Social media isn’t necessarily about sharing content that is appealing to everyone, it is about building a relevant, and engaged audience within your industry.

Social media management yorkshire

This is where many businesses falter, they share generic content which take the user to another website.

Of course, it is sometimes valuable to share industry news and interesting content, but if that’s all the page offers – it will struggle to get engagement.

So, how do you turn things around for a Facebook or Twitter page that struggles to get comments or replies?

Well, one way is to create your own unique content. There are other strategies such as paid advertising, but the quality of posts should always be a priority.

Often business owners don’t realise that their day-to-day business is actually really interesting. Yet, a well written blog, professional infographic or insightful video can captivate anyone if it’s done right.

As an example, let’s say you own a local shoe repair shop. On the surface it doesn’t seem to have a wealth of opportunities, but there’s actually a plethora of possibilities (and this goes for any business).

For the shoe shop’s social media pages you could create a timelapse video of a shoe repair, write a blog piece on how people can extend the life of their shoes, create an infographic displaying the history of shoes and much more.

Don’t be afraid to use your expertise, and make content that would be interesting to you. Any of the examples above would perform much better than a shared post and also would have better conversion rates.

Once you’ve built an engaged audience, it is not just you who creates the unique content either. You can utilise user-generated content and have your audience participate in competitions or Q&A’s.

For example, returning to the shoe shop example, you could run a competition offering the winner a discount at your shop for sharing pictures of their favourite childhood shoes.

The problem is that not everyone has the time to build unique content and run a social media page effectively. That’s where a marketing agency comes in.

At SEO Yorkshire we have run social media pages for every type of industry and love to create unique and creative content.

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