Social Media Photography: Top Tips For Getting The Perfect Shot

With mobile phone technology developing and photo editing apps available left right and centre, social media photography is a top way to grab your followers’ attention.

As much as 74% of social media marketers use visual content these days. It’s easy to see how important it is for people to see this type of content, and how likely it is that they’ll engage with it in one form or another. Visual content can cover a whole host of things; photos, video and infographics being the main ones! However, more and more companies are steering away from vectors and venturing into the world of photography. Why? Because social media photography has become easier to manage and partake in than it once was.

In the past, we’ve had to rely on professional photographers with overly large lenses if we had a shot of getting a great image to put on our website. Either that or risking our reputation with a pixelated shot of…what even is that? Let’s face it, our phones are getting pretty nifty when it comes to taking professional shots. Dual lenses, filters, you name it; it’s amazing what we can create these days and how professional we can make our own shots look with minimal effort. The main question, however, is how can we take the perfect shot when it comes to social media photography, and how can your business be more proactive when it comes to creating your own unique content?

What’s the story?

The first thing to remember is that your image needs to be relevant. Think about what your followers would like to see from a business. Have a new product? Is something exciting happening in the office? Chances are, if you get excited about something new, your audience will too. Having the right content ideas initially is the first step. The next is up to you.

Social media photography on a mobile phone

Now, think about what you’re going to photograph and how you’re going to do it. Products being used by someone is a way to really get people talking and interested about what you can provide. Depending on your industry, there are many ways you can get creative with photography. Do you have a new food product? Use it in a recipe. How do people use a specific tool? Photograph it being used on the job. With the right angle, you can tell multiple stories and get that engagement soaring!

Think about your surroundings…please.

When you’ve got your subject, you’re ready to go. However, effective social media photography isn’t just a case of snapping an item and calling it a day. Instead, think about the opinions of people who will see your visual content. If you’re in an office, make sure you don’t have those dirty plates from yesterday’s lunch hanging around or that week old coffee stain you keep forgetting to clean up. It all comes down to your reputation; if people think you’re unable to pay attention to detail, they’ll think the same about your products or services!


A mistake many businesses make is sharing or uploading images to a site or to their social profiles with a low resolution, resulting in terrible quality photos. Steer clear of this; it looks unprofessional and really won’t attract more post engagement. Do your research into each social platform you use to find out the ideal sizes for optimum viewing. Facebook for example, have now allowed full screen viewing, so keep this in mind the next time you upload your images.


Ever wondered what the point in that grid option on your smartphone was? This handy tool allows you to keep your images in line and proportion without the need to edit extensively. Keeping your main subject in the grid sections can help maintain that creativity in every shot. Research this particular subject a little more if you’re interested in image balance and that elusive ‘rule of thirds’, especially if you’re wanting to go down the more professional route when it comes to your business’ social media photography.

Social media photography on a mobile

Edit to perfection.

Sometimes, with the right technology, we can take the perfect image. However, we’re not always that lucky! The lighting might be off or it could just generally be a dull day outside. Instead of putting the camera away for the day, think about editing. There are some great photo editing apps and sites available, which have all the tools you need to make sure that lighting is just right or to bring things into focus a little more. For starters, Instagram itself is a great tool. This social network has its own built-in photo editor, which is a godsend for businesses on the platform. Playing around with this tool will enable you to add filters, enhance or diminish shadows or highlights and basically make your images look great. Other editing tools include PhotoShop (if you’re more technical) or sites such as Fotor or BeFunky. However, don’t overdo it. Sometimes, less is more.

After all the hard work, get your images noticed!

It goes without saying that you need to share your social media photography efforts across different platforms. After all the extra time spent on perfecting your images, you should show them off far and wide! Don’t forget to schedule in posts alongside compelling copy to encourage engagement and conversation. Tagging relevant companies and using appropriate hashtags can help your images take over the web.

Need help creating those perfect images? Let’s chat about our social media photography services.

We know it’s not always feasible to find the time to take the right images for your content strategy. This is why our full-service agency offers our clients professional photography as a part of our social media marketing package or alone! If you need some pointers or want to get started on creating the right strategy for your business, give us a call on 01226 720 756 or send us an email at [email protected].