Social Media Marketing Strategy for Increased Sales Online!

How can you leverage social media for the best possible results online? We share a social media strategy proven to generate maximum sales!

You may be using social media to engage with your target audience to grow your following. But, are you actually generating sales? It all comes down to seeing a return on investment – without it, you can’t possibly progress your business. In today’s article, we discuss five essential social media marketing strategies that are proven to generate a solid ROI.

Are you currently investing in SEO, PPC, content marketing, or email marketing? If you are seeing positive results, it’s time to capitalise on that success with a social media marketing strategy, and really get those sales rolling in.

In this article, you will learn how to best leverage your social media marketing strategy to drive enquiries and sales for your business. This may not directly impact your organic rankings but will play a vital role in maximising brand awareness and reaching people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

1) Follow your audience

The first step is to be active on the social media platforms where your customers are. Spending your time on Instagram when your core audience is B2B would be a monumental mistake. First, look at your target demographic and make a clear judgement on where they will spend the most time. You can choose to be everywhere, of course, but this could be extremely time-consuming. If your business operates in the B2B market, LinkedIn would be a great place to start along with Facebook which has a vast user base.

Once you know where your audience operates, you can start sharing content that will generate likes, comments and shares. As a result, when you begin to see a positive correlation in your results, consequently, the more website traffic and sales you will generate.

2) Work with social media influencers

You’ve heard about influencer marketing and wondered what the hype is all about? It’s a pretty big deal as Twitter announced that 40% of people were compelled to make a purchase after reading a post from an influencer. The study also highlighted that people, on average, trust influencers more than a close friend. What an excellent opportunity to build trust in your brand!

Get influencers to feature a picture or video of with your products. You should choose them strategically based on the impact they will have on your audience. It’s a social media marketing strategy that will make money and get some serious brand exposure in the process.

Influencer marketing post on Twitter used for social media marketing

You should only contact influencers who are known for giving honest reviews as you don’t want it to come across as fake. The right influencer selection, combined with a cheeky mention of a discount code, is going to deliver a powerful ROI.

3) Share user-generated content

Before making a serious purchase online, what do you do? You check the reviews. Having a healthy selection of customer reviews and star ratings is going to build trust with potential buyers who have otherwise never heard of your brand. If you’ve got it, flaunt it – right? Don’t forget to share your website reviews on social media and encourage others to do the same. These reviews are genuine thoughts and opinions of customers, who thought strongly enough about a purchase, to leave a comment. When it comes to your social media marketing strategy, you need to make the most of customer opinions to drive more sales.

Another way to drive sales through social media marketing is to encourage your customers to share photos of your products using a unique hashtag like #AsSeenOnMe. This hashtag, created by ASOS, was used to show relatable content to an audience. The campaign invited customers wearing their products to share them on their social media channels. The best of the bunch was shared on the official ASOS page as an incentive to take part.

Some brands go as far as to create product pages with user-generated content where people can make a purchase.

4) Create valuable resources that inform and educate audiences.

Social media is a fabulous resource that gives you the opportunity to take ecommerce marketing to the next level. You should share content that is going to educate and inform readers. It’s about finding a balance between fun and functional posts. Ideally, you should be sharing information that offers value to your products while being incredibly relatable.

Let’s say you run a wholesale business, for example, and want a social media strategy that is going to do more than merely promote every product. Sharing photos and videos of recipes will inspire your audience far more than a “Click to Buy’ post. Making use of informative content will inspire your readers and give them more reasons to convert into a paying customer.

5) Invest in social media marketing advertising

So, you’ve got a social media marketing strategy nailed on? You are using all the right hashtags, connecting with influencers and commenting on related posts, but are you seeing results? Without paid advertising, you may never reach the optimum number of people who are ready to make a purchase. You can make sure people take notice of your brand with targeted social media ads.

Every social media platform is different but they have one thing in common, and that’s the ability to utilise social media advertising. This will ensure higher visibility for your brand along with an increased volume of sales. Facebook, for example, offers businesses the unique opportunity to target people based on their age, gender, geographical location, interests and search history. With such detailed information, it’s possible to target people who have searched for products that you offer, followed related pages, or even previously clicked on your profile. These things are likely to drive some interaction with your brand. All engagement is positive when it comes to social media marketing.

Develop your social media marketing strategy today!

How do we know the above? We put hours of our time into the research and development of our clients’ social media accounts. Our social media marketing agency is proven to deliver great results for clients which include a dramatic uplift in sales generated from social media. We believe that a strong social media marketing strategy coupled with search engine optimisation is a winning formula for success. We’d love to hear about your business goals on social media? Get in touch with our social media marketing team on 01226 720 756 to discuss how you can benefit from these platforms.