Pinterest Marketing: How to use Pinterest to grow your business

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Think your Social Media Advertising is on track? You’ve strategised your Facebook and Twitter marketing, so everything is perfect, right? Think again, it’s time to say hello to your business’s new BFF – Pinterest Marketing.

Most people believe that Pinterest is simply a visual platform that is great for boosting your creativity and providing you with amazing ideas. But did you know that Pinterest Marketing is emerging as one of the best ways to get your brand seen online? We’ve all used Pinterest – whether that’s to get some inspiration or that living room update you’ve been meaning to complete for months, or to simply fawn over beautiful cakes or fashion inspiration. But, at it’s social media heart, Pinterest is the perfect platform to promote your brand.

Pinterests’ engagement rates are growing year by year and, with over 175 million monthly active users, the reach is huge. On Pinterest, your content has a much longer shelf life – unlike Twitter and Facebook, where posts generally get lost within a matter of hours, days or even minutes, Pinterest continues to show users your content 5 6 months after it was first published or pinned.

Why use Pinterest for business?

Pinterest is most people’s first point of call for inspiration when purchasing new products, and ideas on how to use them. With 93%of pinners saying that they use the network when planning purchases, the opportunity for sales is huge. Businesses can use the platform to further cement their brand identity – the pins you post, and the boards you create, are a great way in showing users what your brand stand for, how you see it being used and what inspires you. So, if you’re wondering how to use the platform to get the most out of your online marketing, read on for our top tips.

First, create a business account

Like all other social media platforms, Pinterest offers users the option to create a business account, which gives users access to a load of different tools to help your brand to grow. Pinterest creates educational marketing materials that show you how to get the most out of the platform and also allows business owners to track engagement through Pinterest Analytics so that you can tweak and improve content depending on how it performs. With a commercial account, businesses also have the ability to post Rich Pins, and can sign up with their business name and logo, along with their full website URL, meaning it’s much easier to maintain a cohesive online presence.

Utilise Rich Pins

Pinterests’ version of Promoted Tweets, Rich Pins offer businesses a guarantee that their posts will be seen. They include more information than standard pins – with product or service prices, direct site links and interactive maps, Rich Pins give brands a huge sales boost. Available in four different types – app, article, product and recipe – there is a Pin to suit every business.

Pinterest Marketing Rich Pin Made
Pinterest Marketing Rich Pin Tesco

Optimise your Pins

Unfortunately, while Pinterest is easy to use, it isn’t quite as simple as uploading an image and watching your business soar. According to Pinterest itself, all pins should be Helpful, Beautiful and Actionable. And it’s not just the images themselves that need optimising – the copy that is shown beneath a pin is equally as important. When using Pinterest for business, make sure that you’re including clear call-to-actions beneath relevant posts, along with links and a clear price. Keywords are also, quite literally, the key – if you’ve created a SEO content strategy for your website or blog, chances are you’ve already identified your keywords, so remember to include these in your captions. After all, you wouldn’t post a tweet without relevant hashtags, so don’t post a pin without relevant keywords!

Complete your Business Profile

While pinning beautiful tweets is the aim of the game, fully optimising your business profile is an important step in cementing your brand as one of knowledge and integrity. Make sure that you have your logo, if possible, as your main profile image – this should match the images on your other social networks to make sure your brand is easily recognisable online. Similarly, make sure you’re linking to your Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn sites so your audience can interact with your business across the internet. A short bio about your business, much like on your Facebook About Page, gives users a short insight into who you are, what you do and why. Finally, always include a full link to a relevant page on your website so that users can click through .

Get social

Above all else, Pinterest is a social media site – for your audience to engage with your brand, you need to engage with them! Follow similar businesses, individuals who have an interest or post regularly about your industry, or relevant brands. Make sure to actively like, re-pin and engage with posts within your area of work – the more you interact with others, the more they’ll interact with you. Furthermore, you’ll be creating business links, which are always useful.

Create a Content Core

Co-schedule suggests centring boards around your content core – ‘a special place where you take into consideration what your audience cares about and combine it with what you want to say.’ In simple terms – make sure the content that you’re creating will actually be of interest to your target audience.

Get pinning!

Finally, start posting! Pinterest is all about having fun and showing off your creativity. Ask your followers to send you images of them using your brand and post them on Pinterest. Perhaps you have a great office where you engage in competitions? Post about it! Like all forms of social media, Pinterest is a perfect platform to show your customers the human, less corporate, side to your business.

Pinterest Marketing Content Core

Need a hand with your Pinterest Marketing Strategy?

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