Personalised Video Marketing: Are you getting it right?

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Fact: Personalised Video Marketing is huge at the moment.

We’ve already spoken at length this year about how advances in artificial intelligence mean marketers are now able to personalise content to their customers’ individual needs, and how personalised video is the ‘next big thing’ in marketing. Which is all well a good – but where do you begin? The key is to deliver the right message at the right time to the right individual. There are so many ways to create amazing personalised experiences for your existing or potential customers, but how do you put the theory into practice? How do you personalise your videos to best capture your target audience?

While it, obviously, depends on your industry and what you are selling, we all know that video has become a key player in marketing in 2018. In fact, 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service, while 97% of marketers themselves say that video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.

From online streaming services, such as Netflix and NowTV, to Facebook Videos and more, video is fast becoming essential to our modern way of life. Want to know how personalised video can help your business to grow? We tell you how to get it right.

Why do I need personalised video marketing? 

Great marketing is all about connecting with your customer in the best way possible. The use of engaging, visual content will boost your click-through-rates, conversion rates and, of course, lead generation.  It’s no secret that people are drawn to things that are targeted specifically at them. Remember the hours you would spend on holiday as a child, looking through rack upon rack of novelty keyrings to find the one that had your name on it? That was personalisation at its’ finest.

Business is getting personal

As customers, we want to feel valued and special – not simply another number in a chart. When something is personalised to us, we immediately think of it as more relevant to our needs, it’s simply human nature. Through advances in digital marketing, businesses now have a huge amount of information on how consumers live, shop and like to view their content, so why not use it?  Through personalised videos, brands can connect with each and every person, simply by including their unique details in their content. Great personalisation tactics will increase engagement, both with existing and potential customers.

Be seen: Personalised content stands out to your consumers.

Tempt: Research has consistently shown that personalised content appeals more to consumers than a ‘catch-all’ approach.

Connect: With 33% of viewers admitting they will stop watching a video after 30 seconds, decrease the chances of your audience clicking off by speaking directly to your customers.

Convert: When customers feel more valued, they connect more with a brand or business, fact.

Creating a one-on-one connection with your customer is the ultimate goal of video personalisation – it creates a strong bond between your brand and your business, grabs their attention with content that actually matters to them and allows for a seamless, personal customer service experience. What’s not to love?

So, how do we do it?

A great campaign doesn’t just mean slapping someone’s name on a video and hoping for the best, it has to speak to your customer, and be tailored specifically for the end user and your brand itself – if it is used as a one-time customer grabbing gimmick, it might work against you. Here’s what you should keep in mind when utilising a personalised approach to video creation:

Try not to creep out your customers

We get it, in this new ‘digital age’ websites and brands can track your whole online journey – from research through to purchase and what sites you visit afterwards, there is so much opportunity to capture details and information about your customers. Similarly, brands can also purchase information from online databases – but what does this mean for your relationship with your audience?

“Personalized interactions that don’t add real value can add time and friction, and this might end up infuriating customers instead of helping them”, says Mikhail Naumov, president of DigitalGenius. 

Try not to overload your customers by revealing all the information you know about them – a simple name address will do if you’ve already tailored your video to target their specific interests.

Share valuable content

While personalised content has been shown to perform 42% better than non-personalised content, – the key to engaging with customers goes beyond just addressing them personally. To create a bond between yourself and your customer, therefore increasing brand loyalty and trust, you have to share content that actually interests them. People love to find solutions to their problems, and so by combining

Channel 4’s first foray into personalised marketing appeared on their on-demand service, All 4, and allowed advertisers to incorporate the individual name of the viewer into the audio of their ads.

Personalised advert for ‘Alien:Covenant’

The personalisation of video is a necessary step forward for those currently employing more traditional video marketing methods. There is real value in being able to target your audience based on gender, age and nationality, along with browsing habits. As digital marketing continues to evolve, the interest in a more direct or individualised video is rising and, as data about consumers become much more readily available, the integration of personalised videos into marketing strategies will become much more standard – the future of video is bright!

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