Myths about SEO

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There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to SEO. Many of them stem from SEO methods that were used years ago, however, it is a very different picture today.

Search engines such as Google have invested a great deal of effort in cleaning up SEO practices, including introducing stricter penalties for companies that try and game the system.

Good SEO companies now focus on quality content and transparency in order to help their clients reach their full potential online.

seo myths

So, here are 3 SEO myths that you shouldn’t believe…

Keyword Stuffing

Before the Search Engines became savvy to techniques like keyword stuffing, you could use it to your advantage.

However, these days it detrimental to repeat key phrases in a spammy way. Not only because it looks terrible to any customer viewing your site.

Fortunately, Search Engines have taken measures to reduce spam online and allow the most quality and relevant content to perform best.

Paid Search Helps Bolster Organic Results

Moz describe this SEO myth as “the most common SEO conspiracy theory: spending on search engine advertising (pay per click, or PPC) improves your organic SEO rankings.”

The fact is there is no evidence of PPC boosting organic rankings, and the two are separate entities.

Of course, that’s not to say that PPC isn’t a useful tool to use as part of your SEO strategy, but don’t go into it with any delusions that it will improve your organic rankings.

Search Engine Submission

In the prehistoric era of SEO (around the late 1990s) submission forms were used by Search Engines to index new websites.

However, since 2001, Google and other major Search Engines have abandoned the submission form in favour of crawl-based technology.

Therefore, as Moz state in their brilliantĀ guide to SEO, “If you hear a pitch from an SEO offering search engine submission services, run, don’t walk, to a real SEO.”

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