Want to make your business stand out on Instagram? Here’s how.

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With 80% of Instagram users voluntarily connecting with a brand on the platform, Instagram is the ultimate social media tool to increase awareness of your brand.

Having a clear brand identity is key to increasing your following and making sure your business stands out amongst the sea of people jostling for engagement. Don’t think it’s the right platform for your brand? Even ‘boring’ B2B Businesses can utilise Instagram to get the most out of their marketing strategy. With over 800 million monthly users and 500+ active daily accounts, don’t miss a trick by ignoring Instagram when planning your marketing for the coming year.  Here’s how to do it well.

Work on your Instagram profile

Your business profile on Instagram is the first impression of your brand and is the only area on the photo-sharing platform where viewers can click on active links or through to your site. This means, in order to effectively convert customers, your profile page has to be informative, enticing and attractive.


First of all, choose a clear image that represents your brand – whether that’s your company logo, your Managing Directors face or a team photo. Use an image that works to your advantage – this will show everytime you share an image, on the news and notifications tag and on the following feed.


A concise bio that highlights who you are and what you do is key. No-one has time to read a messy description – keep it short and clear. Show your brand’s personality with emojis – where appropriate – or a play on words. If you have a tagline, highlight it here – it’ll help your customers build an idea of the type of brand you are, and your business goals.


As this is the only active link on Instagram, make sure that you’re sending customers to a relevant page on your site. For example, if your homepage has a clear layout and message on your brand, link to that or, if you’re marketing a particular service, link to that specific page. Alternatively, create an Instagram Landing page on your site to Simple, right?

Instagram Profile

Create a Marketing Strategy

Ask yourself this question: why would people want to follow my account? Begin your Instagram marketing by developing a brand strategy – a set of rules, if you like, for all your staff to follow to ensure all your posts and content remain on brand. This will allow your customers to view your business in a certain way and will help to build brand loyalty.

Determine Your Objectives

What do you want to achieve and how can Instagram help you with this? Who is your target audience, and what types of posts do they like?

Are you looking to increase brand awareness, recruit new talent or showcase your products or services?

Content Calendar

Create a Content Calendar

Creating a content calendar is a great way to ensure you’re continuously active on Instagram. Decide how frequently and when you’ll post to ensure maximum engagement. Once you’ve decided on a theme and brand voice, it should be easier to create posts that are cohesive and consistent. We suggest taking a couple of hours out of a week and trying to schedule as many posts as you can.

Remember, though, that it’s okay to be spontaneous too – often some of the best content happens suddenly. Perhaps it’s a member of staffs’ birthday and you’re having a mini party? Maybe you’ve run an event and everyone decides to spontaneously start doing the conga? Post about them! If you’ve got a strong body of content ready and waiting to be posted, spur of the moment content can just slot into any gaps you may have.

Develop a content strategy

While Instagram is still, primarily a photo-sharing app, other visual mediums, like graphic logos and videos such as Boomerang are becoming increasingly popular.

When planning your content, try to post a number of different content types depending on your resources, ability and the audience engagement you are hoping for.

Ensure your posts are consistent

Instagram is all about the aesthetics – the most engaging and popular Instagram pages have a cohesive and attractive grid, much like Pantone, whose feed always focuses on their colour of the week or year.

Take a look at your logo, website and social media sites – do you have an obvious colour scheme? Do you always use the same filter on your images?

Try and make sure that all of your visual content fits in with the feel, or vibe, of your brand and its values. By creating an aesthetic that is consistent, you’ll increase brand loyalty and connection.

As important as the visual aspect is the tone and voice of your brand. Are you friendly and informal or professional and to the point? By creating content with a consistent voice, it means your customers will view your brand as a reliable and authentic business.

Pantone Instagram

Use #Hashtags

Hashtags are the key to any social media campaign. In order to be found on Instagram, you have to use hashtags, as they are the only way to search on the platform. As well as being able to research the hashtags with the most engagement or relevancy to your brand, businesses can easily track who’s talking about your products or services or participating in your campaigns.

Try creating your own hashtag, which can be used as a branding tool. This can then be used to help others interact with your page, services or products, and can be used for competitions, or as a way to encourage customers to be featured on your social media and can be pushed out across a number of different platforms.

Don’t shy away from Instagram Stories

If you’ve spent any time recently on the photo-sharing app, you’ll have seen their Stories. Some businesses might question the longevity of the content – after all, why would you bother spending time on content if it’s just going to erase itself 24 hours later? In actual fact, this is the exact reason why businesses should be utilising this tool. Th short format and lifespan of the videos mean that Stories are easy to consumer and view, and are highly addictive. If you post a great Story, chances are your viewers will come back time and time again for great content. Additionally, it’s a great way to show the human side of your brand. Stories is a great platform to show behind the scenes content, along with sneak previews of products, services or brand news.

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