Facebook Growth: How can I increase my likes on Facebook?

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Struggling to connect with your customer on Facebook? Not reaching the right audience? We can help.

Take a look at your business facebook page – how many likes have you got? With over 500,00 new users every day, that’s 6 new profiles a second, there’s no denying that Facebook Growth can improve your business and it’s reach opportunities while also increasing the potential audience for your brand.

There’s no escaping the fact that the more likes you get, the better your Facebook marketing strategy is, however, it’s hard to get bogged down in the numbers and forget that Facebook is all about increasing customers by engaging with your audience. Growing your customer base, likes and shares with Facebook ads is easy if you know how.

1. Create a winning strategy

Planning is the key to everything – without a clear Facebook strategy, chances are you’ll end up forgetting to post, or your feed will look disorganised, inconsistent and neglected. Decide on a goal – do you want to increase your following? Perhaps you’re looking for better ways to connect with your customers? By settling on the main goal, you can ensure that your strategy will stay on track, no matter who’s working on it. Establish a clear tone of voice, aesthetic and brand message – by making sure your content is consistent and cohesive it will help to make your brand recognisable across all social channels, rather than just Facebook.

2. Ensure your content is engaging

Once you’ve established a clear social media strategy, it’s time to think about your content.

The easiest way to increase your Facebook growth, following, likes and shares? Create engaging and unique content that will appeal specifically to your target audience! Seems simple, right? Of course it’s not, otherwise, we’d all have thriving accounts!

When running your social media campaigns, think about the way you want to portray your brand online, and always keep in mind your overruling goal – to engage and interest your audience. Avoid overly promotional posts, they annoy people and make your brand seem desperate. Think about it – would you go up to strangers on the street and ask them to tell all their friends how great you are, having never met you before? Let’s hope the answer is no. If you want to create content that people will actually want to share, it needs to elicit a response from your customer, whether that’s glee, inspiration or tears your customers want to feel things, otherwise, they’ll just scroll past. In essence: centre your content around what you think your audience will actually enjoy the most. The worst thing that any business or brand can do is to constantly promote your business, and not post anything else. Keep your content varied – share articles you think your followers will find interesting, news about your local area or posts from customers.

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3. Give your posts a Boost

Facebook’s newsfeed update means that organic reach is now limited so, if you’re looking to increase engagement, boosting your posts is the first step to getting your brand seen. Boosting posts are simple – for a small fee, you can promote new or existing posts straight from your Facebook page, increasing exposure for your content. As you have to invest money into boosting a post, choose the content which you think has the highest ROI – posts with evergreen content, for example, are perfect for this as they spread awareness of your brand over time and are as relevant in 6 months as they are on the day they are boosted. Also, as organic reach is unpredictable – there’s no guarantee that your posts will be seen, no matter how much effort you put into promoting them – by promoting them, you’re ensuring that your important posts are actually visible. Similarly, when someone comments on, likes or shares a boosted post, it often shows up in the News Feeds of their friends, boosting your reach!

A post worth boosting should promote your products or services, encourage sales or visits to your site or increase awareness of a competition, offer or campaign.

4. Create a Page Likes Campaign

While boosting your posts is perfect for those looking to increase engagement with their page and posts, if you’re looking to long-term Facebook growth, or want to get more page likes, creating a like campaign is a great marketing strategy.

A like campaign is a type of ad you can run on Facebook that encourages users to like your page – these are the sponsored pages that you see littered across your newsfeed and are the best tool to connect your business with a wider audience that matches your goals.

Page Likes Advertising allows you to specifically define the audience that is most likely to buy your products or services.

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Engage with your customers and other pages

Great customer service is still a huge factor in converting customers and creating a loyal following. Engage with your online followers for increase Facebook growth – ask questions, reply to their comments or like their posts about your products or services. By understanding your followers, you can offer them exactly what they’re looking for, meaning your content will be much more targeted to your specific audience. Similarly, remember to engage with other, similar, businesses pages too – by commenting on, liking and sharing their content, you can create a working relationship with them which can prove hugely beneficial!

Get advice from the Social Media experts

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