Get to grips with Google AdWords

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We often talk about the importance of SEO to your business, but PPC advertising through Google AdWords can also offer a great return on investment.

Google AdWords allows you to display ads on Google’s search engine for key phrases associated with your business.

For example, if you are a plumber in South Yorkshire then you may want to appear to people searching for ‘south yorkshire plumber’, ‘plumbers in south yorkshire’ etc.

Of course, there is a lot more depth to Google AdWords, and it’s not something you should jump in to without gaining a good understanding of.

Google AdWords SEO Yorkshire

To recognise those who have undergone comprehensive training in Google AdWords, Google introduced the Google AdWords Certification.

Here at SEO Yorkshire we have several members of the team with their AdWords Certifications, this simply says that the person running your PPC advertising knows what they’re doing, and won’t waste your money.

When it’s done right Google AdWords can be an invaluable tool for raising the number of conversions, improving traffic, and getting you more customers.

Whilst SEO takes time to take effect, PPC advertising is much more instant.

Of course, SEO and PPC go hand in hand, and almost every large business will incorporate both of these strategies into their overall marketing efforts.

Google AdWords also offers you different ways to target your customers.

You can display your ads on the search engine itself, and/or in the form of visual ads across related websites. You can even use retargeting, a method which targets users based on their previous internet actions.

AdWords offers a huge amount of advertising potential, with the ability to dig down and target a very specific audience.

If you fancy learning more about AdWords and using it for your business you can take a look at the above guide, and work towards your own certifications so that you have a comprehensive understanding of the software.

Or, if you’d prefer to put your advertising in the hands of existing experts then you can reach out to an online marketing company.

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