How to get the most out of your company blog

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Your company blog isn’t just an excuse to push your latest products, or talk about new members of staff – it’s a platform for you to demonstrate your industry expertise and engage with your audience.

Of course, you should discuss upcoming events, products, and awards – but you should also look to write shareable and interesting articles that will help position your company as an authority in the industry.

seo blogging yorkshire

For example, lets say you work for a travel company and write a blog about the ’10 best skiing resorts to visit in Europe’. This is an article that could be really interesting to holidaymakers, and has the potential to be shared across social media and bring a heap of new visitors to your website.

This type of brand awareness is invaluable, and will help your SEO efforts too. Perhaps a larger website will link to your article, or it’ll be mentioned on a popular forum website. Either of these will boost your SEO, and improve your position on Google.

So, what are some basic tips to help you get the most out of your company blog?

Avoid constant self-promotion

Nobody wants to spend time reading countless articles about how well your company performed in the last quarter, or how many awards you have won.

That’s not to say there is no place for those types of articles, but they should be peppered among engaging and insightful content.

Write articles that are genuinely useful or interesting to your audience, and link them to places where they can find out more.

Track visitors

You should always be on top of your website’s performance.

You can track visitors to your blog through sites like Google Analytics, and use this information to see which articles worked, and which didn’t.

Once you have an understanding of the types of articles that perform well, you can seek to do more of these in the future.

Keep it on theme

Try and keep your articles relevant to your industry.

That’s not to say you can’t explore creative ideas, but make sure that you are writing about a subject where you have an expertise.

Often company owners don’t realise that their audience will find their knowledge interesting, but it can be really engaging when done right.

You can always boost a blog with visual content like a video or infographic too.