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Free SEO Audit Tool

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Are you looking to improve your ranking on Google? Perhaps you want to increase your visibility, or are wondering how you can encourage online sales? SEO Yorkshire has the answers with our Free SEO Audit tool.

The online world is a competitive place and finding it difficult to get noticed seems to be a regular occurrence. If you’re having problems getting noticed online and you’re not sure why, our SEO audit could help. With our audit, we can carry out an extensive check of your site to help determine what’s working and what isn’t.

We’ve worked on a plethora of different sites, helping to boost rankings and creating the most effective strategies possible for our clients. Without a strategy in place, it can be difficult to rank at all, but through a detailed SEO audit, you can check off the list of what to include, remove the things that are holding you back, and begin to make positive changes to your site that will make a difference in your ranking position.

What does our SEO audit tool do?

Our tool is easy, extremely effective and fast; it takes as little as 15 seconds to get comprehensive results. It will compile a list of recommendations and the information you need to make the relevant changes to your site. It can help to determine any issues your website might have, including how responsive your site is, how well your copy is optimised, as well as your backlinks and social buttons. So, what’s the process?

First, enter your details in the above form, including your website’s address, keyword and your email address. Click the scan now button and in 15 seconds we’ll send you a professional, detail PDF report. This will provide you with all the necessary information, including a step by step list of instructions for how to improve your website along with an overall score and some useful tips. It really is as simple as that! What can you expect?

An effective audit tool.

At SEO Yorkshire, doing things the right way is how we work, and always have! We wouldn’t offer a Free Audit Tool if we weren’t 100% certain it was accurate and useful for you and your business. Our SEO audit crawls around your site and picks up on things that are important, ones that you wouldn’t necessarily see on the surface. We can help you prioritise your to-do list so you’re not left in the dark with lots of SEO jargon, and we’ll make sure it’s in a format you can make sense of.

Optimise your pages.

A fast loading website is something that search engines want to see and they favour them above all others. All pages on your site should load quickly to keep your visitors there, and by finding the slower pages in your free audit, we can pinpoint why these pages are slowing and fix them with simple, easy to understand instructions.

Keywords and heading tags.

Having all the right words in all the right places is very important when it comes to your on-site copy. The audit will pick up on your headings and top words used, as well as the number of words you should have on your pages. Copy is important, and fresh, regularly updated copy is even better! Make your pages stand out from your competitors and enable them to get noticed in all the relevant web searches.

We know ranking in the top positions of Google can seem a million miles away, but, with the correct strategies in place and by making the right website amendments, you can be well on your way to moving higher up in those imperative search results. By carrying out our Free SEO Audit, you’ll be well on your way to a fully optimised, fully searchable website. At SEO Yorkshire, we’ll work with you each step of the way to create an SEO strategy that works and one that we’re proud of!

Contact us today by phone on 01226 720 756 or by email at [email protected] if you have any questions about your audit results or if you would like any more information about any of our services.