Ecommerce Website Design: Our Web Design Experts Share Top Tips!

Ecommerce website design is about creating a simple checkout process. Our website design team share top tips and advice:

Think about the last time you bought something online. It was seamless, cohesive and totally straightforward. With the click of a button, your purchase was made in the most simple way possible.

Now think about the last time you had a negative shopping experience. You left the site feeling let down and frustrated with your visit. The site was so incredibly slow, you were timed out before reaching the checkout, and you left empty-handed. Bad design is apparent and will have a lasting impact. Ecommerce website design covers more than mere aesthetics – it’s everything from site structure to basic branding decisions. Quality ecommerce website design is about encouraging higher conversion rates following positive user experience.

Here are a few tips our Huddersfield web designers have picked up following years of designing, building and optimising many successful ecommerce websites:

1) Simplicity = sales!

Don’t complicate the checkout process. Customers should not have to jump through hoops to purchase from your ecommerce website. Avoid lengthy sign-up forms that are pages long. Your customers are likely to leave before completion. As an e-commerce website, you don’t need to capture an email and phone number – this will automatically be collected at the checkout. That being said, don’t underestimate the power of call-to-action buttons dotted across your site that encourages a quick sale and improves site usability. Make these buttons stand out with bright, bold and branded colours that capture the eye.

You need to consider colour, size, and wording to ensure your customers never miss out on an opportunity to make a purchase. Once your pages are set up with your call to action buttons in place, it’s time for tracking. This can be achieved using numerous tools, but a personal favourite is HotJar. Helping you understand how visitors are interacting with your site, the HotJar script gives you a detailed report on where they are clicking. The tool can record both static and dynamic pages, shopping carts and sign-in locations.

2) Honest Pricing

We have all been there. You go through the entire checkout process only to discover there is an extra charge – shipping, taxes, handling, etc. Being upfront and honest about your pricing is the best solution. Most customers won’t mind paying a little extra if they are made aware of it in the first place – it all comes down to your sales technique.

3) Convert abandoned baskets into loyal customers

While it can be easy to focus on customers who have previously bought from you, let’s not forget about the ones who came but bailed before checking out. Many ecommerce websites skip this step in favour of returning customers, but they are mistaken. People get distracted easily. They may have placed an item in their basket with the intention of returning at a later date. They may be waiting for payday. It’s not always down to a lack of interest.

Use retargeting tools like Google AdWords, AdRoll, and Rejoiner to track customers who almost converted, and then bailed. It automatically sends a follow-up email to encourage a sale with a coupon code or discount. With all these tools, you’ll get a detailed report on conversion rates, form completions, and overall revenue fluctuations. This is essential for any serious ecommerce business.

Abandoned basket emails for online ecommerce website

4) Build customer relationships

Sales are important, but don’t let that be the end. Savvy marketers know this is just the beginning. Get in touch on a regular basis with opt-in promotional deals, seasonal sales and free resources they will love. Creating a loyal customer base is achieved by offering value for money. Check in with them regularly and ask for their genuine feedback. Actually listen and apply your knowledge to future marketing. Your desire to improve their user experience will build trust and relationships with returning customers.

5) Build trust with a secure checkout

One of the most important ways to maintain trust with your customers is to secure your checkout process. In other words, keep your customers’ information safe and secure. The last thing you want is to suffer from a security hack resulting in a loss of customers and a poor reputation. No one wants to buy from sites that are letting simple security measures slide.

Secure ecommerce website starting with HTTPS

Something that will put you in the good books with your customers as well as with Google is buying an SSL certificate. If you aren’t familiar with the term SSL certificate, we’re referring to the green padlock that appears at the front of your site URL. The URL starts with HTTPS instead of HTTP. This simple addition ensures that information transferred through forms and enquiries are secure.

6) Use quality images and videos

Help your customers understand what is on offer with informative content and vibrant messaging. The page should include precise product information, media and filter options to make the process as simple as possible. Be smart with your choices. For example, products like shirts need photos and try-on videos to fill people with confidence. If you are selling a mobile phone, tablet or computer, detailed specifications will help people compare their options. Make sure the ‘buy now’ button stands out from the rest of the information on the page. It needs to be clear what action they should take next.

7) Responsive website design

There’s nothing more frustrating than a website that doesn’t function as it should. You have to pinch and pull your mobile screen to navigate the site. That’s not a positive experience. Typically, it only takes a couple of seconds for customers to lose interest. You have to make it an experience they will remember – for the right reasons. Mobile optimisation can affect not only your customer conversion rate but your website rankings. You got it; having a responsive website will give you a boost in the search results, so more people find your business.

Our web designers are trained in ecommerce website design so know a thing or two about creating the perfect platform for sales. If you are looking for more advice or someone to build you a website optimised for search engines, you’re in the right place. We have over twenty years of experience building websites that are fully-optimised and convert website clicks into customers. If you are interested in ecommerce website design services, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with our friendly team on 01226 720 756 or drop us a message via [email protected]