Excellent Corporate Website Design Inspiration for your Business

Are you looking for corporate website design inspiration to get the creative juices flowing? If so, you’re in the right place. In today’s post, we share some of the best in the business…

With modern technology and growing consumer expectations, there’s never been a more exciting time to update your corporate website design. From huge brands redefining the boundaries of communication, to the minimal, elegant work of boutique design studios, the internet has never looked so attractive. It’s your task as an upcoming small business, to stand out from the crowd and generate more business online.

But how do you make your website look fabulous? How can you tell if your website design is outdated? How can you deliver an exceptional user experience? Take a look at your competition, and others in the industry, to get some corporate website design inspiration. If you have an eye for creative content, it won’t be hard to separate the outdated from the outstanding. It’s all a matter of shopping around, getting a feel for modern design concepts, and seeking advice from the right people. As corporate website design specialists, we’ve seen our fair share of outdated websites and built some of the most successful. The companies that go against the standard templates and strive to be different will leave their mark on the corporate website design world.

Here we’ll take a look at some influential corporate website designs and give you our professional opinion. Are you ready? Let’s jump right in…

1) TriplePS

Corporate Web Design for our client

What kind of corporate website design company would we be if we didn’t mention a site we built? Not a very confident one, I’ll tell you that for sure. For that reason, we are starting with an example of a website our designers created for the client, TriplePS. We build all our websites using the WordPress content management system. It’s SEO-friendly making it easier to optimise for search engines. There are many themes available designed with smart navigation and exceptional user experience. The simple, sleek and straight-forward design makes it the perfect corporate website design for any business.


2) SJ Construction

A corporate website design for SJ Construction

It would appear that in today’s modern world of corporate website design, bold and dramatic images make an impact. SJ Construction specialise in diverse design and build projects in the heart of London. The architecture, interior design and construction industries demand a visual selling point. People shop with their eyes. Instead of stock images, this website features professional photography of recent projects. It allows the company to build trust and convert more clicks into loyal customers.


3) Dropbox

A corporate website design for Dropbox

This smart interface offers users simple solution to project management. SEO Yorkshire uses this platform on a daily basis to control clients projects, assign work and create a checklist to keep on top of everything. The same simplicity is found in the design of the website, as you can see above. It’s minimalistic. However, you’ll find a clear call to actions that stands out with a pop of colour against the background.


Looking for more corporate web design inspiration?

Take a quick look at these sites designed to inspire businesses:

1) Pinterest

If you are looking for a platform to pursue a plethora of corporate website designs, Pinterest is the place to be. Through a quick search, you will be able to explore thousands of websites and pin them to your personal board. The only drawback is size as you don’t get to see the website at full width. You’ll need to click through to the site to get a bigger picture.


2) Awwwards

When it comes to modern website design, this is the place to look for inspiration. Awwwards offer awards for “design, creativity, and innovation on the internet.” This answers your question about knowing how to tell if your site is outdated – compare yours to the winners in your industry. These jaw-dropping websites conveniently categorise their websites into “Site of the week,” and “Site of the day” to ensure you never miss a trick.


3) Site Inspire

If you’re looking for a specific design for your industry, this is the site for you. It includes every possible filter from marketing and branding, to crafts and entertainment. They also display all information in an easy to use grid system that allows you to open up a website directly, bypassing all internal pages. Thumbs up for that.


Seek expert advice from our corporate web designers

There you have it, our complete list of the best corporate web designs and places to go for inspiration. We don’t go a week without visiting these sites to keep updated with the latest trends in the web design industry. Our designers are confident that all websites will exceed client expectations. That’s our promise to you – so, if you are looking for corporate design inspiration, or have questions about how we can help you, get in touch with our web designers on 01226 720 756 – we’d be happy to help.