Conversion Rate Optimisation: How do I convert website visitors into customers?

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

You’ve created a great site, are promoting it well and are watching your site traffic and visits steadily increase – amazing! However, while your visitors might be increasing, your sales are not. What then?

Conversion rate optimisation is a major concern for almost every business, no matter what size. While website visitors are obviously a great thing, visits alone don’t necessarily equal business success – to actually make money, you’ve got to turn those visitors into customers. There are so many different factors as to why potential customers landing on your page aren’t making any purchases and are simply clicking off your site – perhaps your landing page is disorganised, your contact information unclear or your content too long.

While conversion rates will hugely differ depending on your products or services – a shop selling expensive building equipment will obviously convert fewer customers than a shop selling discounted brands, for example – there are plenty of steps you can take to increase the likelihood of people actually purchasing from your site!

Remember you can’t control everything!

As we touched upon at the start of this article, conversion rates are hugely contextual and are largely dependent on traffic source, location, products and services and the cost of these. Similarly, visitor’s intent will directly impact conversion rates – take a look at your site analytics, are visitors coming to your site for research, or to purchase an item or service? It depends on what you are selling – companies who sell services may see much lower conversion rates as potential customers tend to do a heap of research before settling on a company, whereas businesses who sell products, such as clothes or tickets to events will see a much higher rate of those purchasing on their site. Therefore, it’s important to keep intent in mind when taking a critical look at your particular conversion rates – if you know that visitors are more likely to use your site for research purposes, but less likely to buy,  think about how can you convert them.

Make the first few seconds count

Homepage optimisation is a huge factor in making sure potential customers stay on your site. with 40% of users admitting that they will abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, first impressions are everything. Make sure that, however they may have found your site, whether that’s through a special offer advert on Facebook, a blog about a certain product or even a Google search, this is reflected in the page that they initially land on, with the correct Aall to Actions and information. It’s no secret that people want instant gratification, and if your site doesn’t immediately give them the answers they are looking for, they’ll simply find them elsewhere.

Homepage Optimisation

Prove your success! 

Potential customers love reviews. In fact, 51% of consumers will select a local business if it has positive reviews, while a huge 88% trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. In simple terms, user reviews are proven to drive sales and increase conversions. Reviews can eliminate any doubts potential customers may have about your product or service and can help to upsell your products. Along with the obvious conversion rates, search engines love fresh content, and continuously uploading testimonials and user-generated reviews is a great way for your page to stand out to bots. This means your page will rank more highly in the SERP’s and will be more visible to customers, meaning more chance for a higher CTR!

Capture their details

Conversion rate optimisation is hard when you have no information about your customers. Businesses need to capture their details to change strangers to contacts. However, while existing customers are likely to readily give away their contact information, the first problem is getting brand new visitors to be interested enough to give you theirs. There’s no such thing as something for nothing, you need to reward your new visitors for them to part with their personal details – entice them in with something that is beneficial to them, such as a free consultation, white paper or tips. Remeber to create a thank you page for people who have signed up to your newsletter or downloaded your information – they help to keep your leads engaged, and can be used for secondary conversion opportunities – a win-win!

Follow up on leads

Ensure that your business stays at the forefront of your customers’, potential or existing, minds even after they have clicked off your site. People who have previously been interested in your products or services are, quite simply, the best people to sell to – your perfect audience, if you will. There are a number of different techniques that brands can use to re-engage customers who have drifted away from their business:

  • Targeted email remarketing: this is key to keeping in touch with your customers and, if you market yourself correctly through a great email sequence and relevant information, you’ll be their first point of call for a purchase.
  • Social Media sharing and advertising – Facebook sidebar and news feed retargeting adverts are perfect for converting customers. Even better? Pop a special offer in there and they won’t be able to resist!

Turning website visitors into customers should be relatively easy if you plan your marketing correctly!

Homepage Optimisation.

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