Brochure Website Design: How Much Does a Brochure Website Cost?

As a business new to the world of online marketing, a brochure website design could be the perfect place to start.

With so many different styles, designs and types of websites online, what is a brochure website and how does it stand out from the crowd? A brochure website is often the best, and most cost-effective, solution to promote your business. It works as an extension to your existing marketing efforts as a visual, eye-catching display of your work. Brochure website design showcases your company image with clever content and captivating images. It can be shared with your online connections through social media and email marketing.

What is a brochure website?

The definition of a “brochure” is a visual tool designed to promote the work of your business. It follows that a “brochure website” is the digital alternative used to present information to potential customers while being simple to navigate and easy to maintain.

The core difference between a brochure website and a regular site is the purpose. An ecommerce website, for example, is created to drive organic traffic and sales to a business online – basically, to make a profit. In contrast, a brochure website gives a potential customer the ability to engage with your brand and make an enquiry without having to sift through waves of online content. Easily to move around, as simple as turning a page, with pinch to zoom features, and at the end of browsing, you shut the brochure and call the company. A well-designed brochure website has the ability to promote your business and generate interest without the substantial costs associated with online marketing.

The benefits of a brochure website design?

While a website design brochure does not give you the ability to increase your sales online, it does come with several powerful marketing benefits:

1) With vibrant displays of creative content, a brochure website is a perfect solution for a business looking to build trust. Typically, people buy with their eyes. By that we mean, no one is going to click ‘buy now’ on a site without viewing the product in question. A brochure website design gives you an opportunity to communicate the style and creativity of your brand in an easy to read format.

2) It provides your business with a legitimate website and domain name.

3) Brochure websites are much easier to design as they require less content optimisation than a site featuring multiple product/category pages, blogging, meta content – you get the general gist.

4) They are easier to maintain. One person or a web developer often manages a brochure website design, so it’s cost effective as it doesn’t take much time to get it up and running.

5) The website can be updated with numerous plugins, design features and ecommerce functionality when your business is ready.

How much does a brochure website cost?

So, let’s talk about what’s really on your mind. How much does a brochure website cost? It’s a common question we hear a lot at SEO Yorkshire. Along with the following, can you design a brand logo? Will it be SEO-friendly? Do I need to provide content, etc? We’ll be honest; it’s not as simple as telling you a price upfront.

Some agencies will give you a price without asking any questions, but this is extremely careless. We want to dive into this and find out exactly what your business is about and what you want to achieve online. Buying a website is a little like buying a house. You need to ask yourself the following: how many bedrooms you want? Will it have a garden? What about driveway? And, so on. The price will depend on your requirements. We pride ourselves on delivering professional brochure website designs at an affordable price – so get in touch, and let’s have a conversation.

Is a brochure website design right for my business?

Does your business rely on a visual sale? Think about this for a moment. Let’s compare a digital marketing agency to an interior design firm – which business do you think requires photography to bring in sales? While the digital agency may require positive testimonials from clients, the interior designer will drive more sales by featuring images of pristine properties and remarkable renovations. Got some great visual content to showcase? A brochure website design is a great place to start.

brochure website design for an interior designer

Brochure website design for an interior design company!

Hire a professional brochure website design agency!

So, you have established that a brochure website is the best solution for your business. You may even have a few ideas in mind but how do you get started? You could go about the process on your own. After all, it doesn’t sound that complicated – right? While a brochure site may be a simple solution, you still need it to look professional. Our experienced brochure web designers have the skills and passion necessary to deliver a professional service that will give your business a competitive edge. Speak to our brochure website developers today on 01226 720 756 to see how they can help your business get the results needed online.