How to boost engagement on your blog

It can be difficult to find the motivation to continue writing a blog, especially when it feels like you’re talking to thin air. blog blogging online design web page website concept

However, if your blog is a ghost town then don’t panic. Almost every blog struggles at one point or another for eyeballs, but once you get the engagement you’ll reap the rewards.

Here are a few techniques to help you boost engagement on your blog.


Find your niche

Whether your blog is personal or commercial, it is crucial to find your niche.

There’s certainly no shortage of blogs on the internet, so you need to write quality content in an area you have expertise.

However, if you focus on your niche – write quality and insightful content – the engagement will come.

Write reactive content

Whilst thinking ahead is a great way to keep on top of your blog content, sometimes you need to be reactive.

Write stories that relate to current news stories and events to attract more engagement.

This doesn’t mean you can’t schedule content too, but make sure you mix it up every now and then to stay on top of current affairs.

Look towards different types of content

If you only ever post text blogs then it might be worth looking towards some alternative types of content.

For example, videos and infographics are brilliant alternatives to a normal post and can spike interest in your blog.

These more visual forms of content are often better at attracting shares and engagement.

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