Best WordPress Websites: Types Of WordPress Sites For Inspiration!

The best WordPress websites for your business? We have a complete list of WordPress website types right here:

WordPress is an incredibly versatile content management system with endless possibilities for creativity and communication. With an array of plugins at your fingertips, the best WordPress websites are just a click away. You can deliver an exceptional user experience that puts you ahead of the competition. Yes, with WordPress, the sky really is the limit.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss five of the most successful types of websites you can create using WordPress. We’ll also mention how these website types can be used to rank your business higher in the search engine results.

1) Brochure websites

Showcase your business with a brochure website design. This simple structure and visual is a winning formula when it comes to promoting your business. The themes tend to focus on photography and artwork rather than traditional website layouts. This allows visitors to engage with your design, arts, crafts or products. Brochure websites don’t require high levels of maintenance as they tend to feature less content.

SEO Tip: If you are looking to share your website with others through social media, video or email marketing, you’ll require social sharing options. This functionality gives your visitors the option to share your content with others who may be interested. It’s what gives your website the power to reach more people online without organic traffic. Send a link to your followers, they share your content, and repeat – now that’s social media magic!

2) Ecommerce websites

Ecommerce websites are a popular choice for businesses looking to promote products and services online. Basically, an ecommerce gives people the option to buy online. The core WordPress benefit is simple navigation. It’s simple to upload products and for your visitors to purchase them. WordPress themes look professional and instil trust in potential customers. It’s also possible to install ecommerce themes if you want your business to offer a completely unique experience. It’s worth considering this content management system if you have multiple products and service on offer.

SEO Tip: Be sure to optimise your product pages with unique content. This is especially important if you have an extensive ecommerce website with thousands of products that are similar. Avoid the temptation to duplicate content across multiple product pages. Google likes to see unique, authentic content that is optimised using the right keywords. Keep things natural, and don’t stuff keywords into every other sentence. This will have an adverse effect – there’s a fine line between natural content and over-optimised.

3) Blog and news websites

The blog format is perhaps the most commonly used on WordPress. This is what the platform was initially designed for so it only fits that it continues to attract bloggers. The easy-to-use CMS means that people who are not that confident in website design can upload new posts and make edits with ease. It’s also easy to add new editors to the system, meaning you can have several people work on your website at the same time. If you’re looking for a platform that lets you focus on content without having to battle with technology, this is the one for you!

Yoast results from the best WordPress websites

SEO Tip: Blogging can be all kinds of fun. Personally, writing content is one of the most interesting aspects of working in a creative industry. However, getting that content found online is an uphill battle. Google’s algorithms are getting smarter and happen more frequently. To beat the battle to number one rankings, download the Yoast SEO plugin. This will give you optimisation tips as you write for higher rankings.

4) Video hosting websites

There are various WordPress plugins that change your website into a video hosting platform. You can think of plugins as apps that turn the way your device works. It really is an incredibly versatile CMS; for example, with a couple of clicks, you can embed a YouTube video on your site.

SEO Tip: With video marketing comes search engine optimisation. It would be a mistake to upload a video to your website, or social sharing platform, without following the best SEO practices. Do your keyword research, and optimise your videos with a title you want to be found for online. Remember to finish your video with a strong call to action that encourages viewers to take action – make an enquiry, call you directly, or follow you on social media. The choice is yours; take this opportunity to engage with your readers further.

5) Membership/subscription websites

Our list of best WordPress websites concludes with membership sites. WordPress is not all about selling your products or services online. It’s a great platform for a business looking to generate leads through data collection. WordPress allows you to create a variety of online forms for visitors to fill out that offer them information. The more simple and inviting the form, the more likely they are to fill it out. If they don’t trust your website, they are unlikely to hand over their details to you.

SEO Tip: Set up tracking on your online data collection pages. Do you know who is coming onto your site? Where are they coming from – the UK, or abroad? Google Analytics has the answers to these questions, plus so much more. HotJar can also be used to track movements. It will tell you when visitors left your website, if they completed your form, and if not, why not. It really is amazing what you can find out with the right tracking in place.

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