Best Social Media Marketing Agency: Professional Social Media Advice!

Having support from the best social media marketing agency will help you engage with your audience and push your business forward.

Of course, we know how important SEO is for your business. A skilled SEO agency has the power to leverage maximum online conversions. However, social media marketing is often forgotten about. It’s a secondary, “less important” alternative marketing method – right? You couldn’t be further from the truth.

So, why is social media marketing so critical for your company?

Social media works alongside SEO to provide great results. Links from social media appear on your business websites, and vice versa. Each one is promoting the other and therefore is a larger reach over various platforms. This means a forever increasing amount of users on sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter- specifically more users viewing your social media pages. By advertising on these platforms, you’re benefiting your business in a number of ways:

1) You’re increasing your brand awareness and reaching out to a much wider audience. Just one social media account will reach a variety of audiences and spread your brand details around, therefore increasing recognition.
2) Enables you to engage with customers, which not only increases chances of conversion but helps you clearly convey your brand message.
3) Win over your clients with engagement and minimal hassle.
4) An increase in website traffic, the best social media marketing agency will ensure your social media sites are providing links to the most important parts and bringing in views to those sites and pages.
5) Enhancing your SEO rankings- social media marketing runs alongside SEO and each one boosts the other greatly. By posting links to your website on social media, website reach is increased. Although it is indirect, it still helps towards a higher SEO ranking for your website.

Social media marketing is a combination of strategy and social advertising, both services equally as important. At SEO Yorkshire, our strategies promise unique content creation and paid advertising to maximise reach whilst enticing customers. We not only provide these services but make sure you understand the importance of them and how they are benefitting your business.

However, it doesn’t matter how important social media marketing is, the best social media marketing agency will provide the best results. Here are our top tips on making sure you get the most out of your social media marketing agency!

Strong SEO results

Both social media and SEO run alongside each other, so finding an agency that excels in both is essential. Check the agency’s SEO is successful, as, without a strong SEO base, social media marketing is off the cards. At SEO Yorkshire Agency, we pride ourselves on a strong SEO strategy that reflects on our social media strategies so they excel together. If you already have a thriving SEO strategy, let your social media team know this so they can provide effective content to match your SEO standards.


Communication between you and your agency is key. Prompt replies in a conversation ensures that you have chosen the best social media agency to meet your needs quickly and efficiently. Not only does fast conversation lead to fast content creation, it builds a relationship between you and your agency. A better relationship with your social media marketing team means overall higher quality experience and superior content across the board. Don’t be afraid to be persistent, ask questions and give feedback. Being clear about what you want to achieve will ensure that the best social media marketing agency can carry out their campaign to your precise needs.

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Up-to-date with trends

Remember, your needs will constantly change as new online trends move in and out. The best social media marketing agency will be up to date with current trends and tailor your social media campaign to suit.


Researching the best social media marketing agency is critical. Do they practise what they preach? At SEO Yorkshire, we prove just how effective our strategies are through our own business. Learn about your agency through their blogs and information on the website. It shows expertise and field knowledge, so you know exactly what you are working with. Although every agency is different in their methods and processes, the best social media marketing agency will align their perspectives with your vision and provide optimum results.

You get what you pay for

No matter how elaborate your vision is for your company’s social media goals, be prepared to receive what you pay for. Don’t be blinded by a cheap price- it often reflects on the quality of work you will be provided with. A limited budget can equal limited results, so create a realistic limit that can be stuck to, without disappointment. However, the best social media marketing agencies will always discuss a suitable budget that provides effective content at the rate you require.


No matter how much money you invest into value social media marketing, if the agency does not regularly achieve successful results, don’t count on it for your business. Research their testimonials and success rate before enquiring to confirm they are achieving similar outcomes to what you want to invest in. The best social media marketing agency will present previous success with pride, not hide it away from potential clients. So, prior research may just give you the insight you need to make your decision.

Take your time

Our final tip is, don’t make any rushed decisions. Accepting the best social media marketing agency should be a careful process, hasty decisions can cause issues later down the line. At SEO Yorkshire, we take time in crafting strategies for your personalised social media campaign, with constant communication to our clients to ensure optimum results. Don’t forget, the best results take time.

Finding the best social media marketing agency is crucial to your business, so do it right!

Are you not sure where to turn next? It can be a difficult decision to make when there are so many factors to consider. Making the wrong decision could result in disappointment. Speak to one of our professional social media executives on 01226 720 756 to see how we can help you. Or you can email [email protected].