5 Kinds of Social Media Posts

A good social media page doesn’t rely on just one type of post, it uses a variety.

If you approach your social media management with creativity then you’ll find there are a plethora of different things you can do.

Below are five different ideas to get you started.

Special Offer

Social Media is designed to encourage an engaged audience to visit your website and hopefully lead to a conversion.

A great way of directing traffic to your website from social media is to create a special offer on your pages.

A discount code, sale, or bargain deal can lead to a spike in traffic, but be sure not to overdo these types of posts.

If you spam your page with constant ‘deals’ then your audience will be less likely to engage with them.

Reactive Post

Whilst the main goal of your business will be driven by sales/enquiries through your website, your social media page shouldn’t just link to your site.

By building an active community on your social media page itself you can build a larger audience to advertise to.

One way of increasing your reach is to be topical and create relevant reactive posts.

If a major news story relates to your industry perhaps you can break the news on your post, or offer an insightful reaction to the event.


Video can be directly uploaded to some social media sites, or hosted on a video platform and linked to.

Video content is terrific at conveying a message and capturing people’s attention.

Generally, long text posts are a ‘no-no’ for social media, however, a short video can capture your audience’s imagination and make them remember your company.


Competitions are a great way of increasing your social media’s page likes, views and reach.

If you create an incentive to engage with your page then you will do very well – and the better the prize, the better the results.

Try and keep your prizes relevant to your industry in order to keep your audience topical.


Blog posts are brilliant at bringing people to your website, and the right post can go viral.

Create unique, creative and thoughtful content driven by your area of expertise for the best results.

You can then link these posts to your social media outlets and bring in more traffic.