3 free Tools to help your keyword research

Understanding the keywords that are important to your business is crucial.

The problem is, without paying for SEO software, it can be difficult to get a list of valuable keywords. 

If you work with an SEO company they will have all the bells and whistles to conduct comprehensive keyword analysis.

But, if you want to get an idea of it for yourself, then there are some free alternatives out there. Whilst they don’t offer a perfect solution, they can give you some useful information.

Here we’ve compiled 3 free keyword tools to get you started with your keyword research.

  1. Keyword Tool.io


This website offers a neat free version of their keyword tool, which is really useful for generating lists of related keywords to a search term.

This could be very valuable for discovering new terms to monitor, or keywords to add to your PPC campaigns.

Whilst the other details including search volumes are only available in the paid version, it instantly generates a handy list of hundreds of related keywords.

2. Serps Keyword Research


The keyword research tool from Serps is really impressive for a free tool.

Similar to the keywordtool.io you enter a search term and the tool generates a list of related keywords. However, Serps’ tool goes a step further to include ‘search volume’, ‘cpc’ and ‘value’, as well as allowing you to construct a bespoke list which can be downloaded.

I’d certainly recommend this tool to anyone wanting to get some useful data to build their AdWords campaign.

3. AdWords Keyword Planner


Unlike the other two on this list, the AdWords Keyword Planner is the only tool that is completely free – whereas the others offer free functions to entice you into a full subscription.

The AdWords Keywords Planner is a really useful tool that helps you research new keywords for your campaigns. Whilst it is intended for PPC, the keyword data will benefit your SEO as a whole and could throw up new keywords you might want to target organically too.