The 16 Best Yorkshire Marketing Blogs

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Yorkshire Marketing BlogEveryday people have recently carried out a survey of the best marketing blogs in Yorkshire. We are pleased to report that our parent company Bigfoot Digital has been honoured a spot in the top 16! Marketing blogs are available in abundance, so this is something that we can really be proud of. There are many types of marketing agencies throughout the Yorkshire region and many have specialisms, as marketing is such a broad industry. From paid sponsorships and offline print marketing to digital campaigns and social media management, Yorkshire is a region with a variety of crative talent to get brands in front of their customers.

Why is blogging important?

Blogging is considered a key marketing tool for all different types of businesses as there are numerous benefits from regular blogging activity. An onsite blog is beneficial for SEO as it tells the search engines that your website is active and on-topic. Google released an algorithm update some time ago now called the ‘freshness’ update. This favours new ‘fresh’ content being added to websites. A blog will also naturally include many of your target key phrases helping your website become more and more relevant to the seacrh engines.

Tips for a successful blog

  • Post regularly, at least once per week.
  • Produce creative and engaging content
  • Don’t be too over promotional
  • Bring your brand to life
  • Make it informative
  • Vary the posts – different topics and styles keep readers interested
  • Promote sharing via social media
  • Make sure your blog is onsite and not on a subdomain to get the best SEO results

Don’t have time to blog?

A common reason why companies don’t already blog regularly is because they don’t have the time. We understand that you need to focus on your core business activities and the marketing to an expert. If you want your business to reap the rewards of excellent blogging then why not get in touch with us today to let the experts do it for you? Send us an email at [email protected] or to speak to one of our friendly humans call us on 01226 720 756