5 Ways To Get More Traffic By Link Building

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Are you seeking higher rankings and more traffic to your site? Link building is the key!

Successful digital marketing is hard to master – optimise your SEO, create compelling content, build a winning website, engage with your followers on social media, send captivating emails – and that’s just the start. But, it all seems relatively easy, right? WRONG! Trying to market your business to attract the right visitors is not a simple task.

There is a right and a wrong way to build links to your site and, with so many ‘bad’ methods that search engines don’t accept, it’s often hard to know where to begin. White hat SEO techniques – such as natural link building, (earning rather than purchasing links) increases the long-term viability of your site, while black-hat SEO, using manipulative tactics to obtain links, could result in your site being banned from all search results.

Bottom line? If you want more search engine traffic, link building is a must.

Not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered.

What is link building and why does it matter?

In simple terms, link building is the process of gaining links from other sites to your own. A link (or hyperlink) allows users to navigate between different pages on the internet. It helps to form relationships between pages and allows you to rank in the SERP’s. This is because it’s through links that Google discovers your site. Search engines use the links to crawl through the individual pages on your site, and throughout the web itself, and will rank your site’s overall authority based on the quality of links pointing back to your website.

The key to successful longterm rankings is to build and maintain a strong and organic link building strategy.

What sites should I link to?

When Google bots crawl your site, they are looking, not only for your content and use of relevant keywords but at the number of links pointing to your page from external sites and the quality of them. Every SEO’s objective is to direct quality traffic to your site, and building great links is one of the most important factors. Linking to authoritative sites will have a greater impact on your SERP ranking than, say, a link from a newly erected blog. This is Google has greater trust in sites with a higher domain authority (or DA), meaning that the power of these links is greater.

Think of it in this way: backlinks act like votes – thus the more valuable votes your site has, the more popular it will be. However, high-quality links are much harder to come by. Take a look at our top tips to improve your traffic today!

Link Building Votes

Great Content is the Building Block of Link Building

It’s actually pretty straight-forward – when you create compelling, unique and high-quality content, people will naturally want to read it, share it and comment on it! Create content, such as a how-to-guide, an infographic or a video, with the aim of earning links. Share them on social media, or to people who will find them relevant, funny or informative. The best content elicits some sort of emotional response from your consumers – if they like it, they’ll link to it! In terms of SEO, content is king – if it’s good and you frequently update it, you will build up a loyal following, which search engines will love!

Make use of guest blogging to obtain links

Writing a guest post for a quality blog that is relevant for your own, and is prepared to offer you a backlink, is the dream for content marketers. Outreach is a great way to promote your content or business and, while the ultimate goal is, of course, to get a quality link, there’s more to it than that. Quality links and outreach can help you to build long-term working relationships with relevant bloggers, influencers and businesses within your industry, meaning that your content and brand will be shared and, therefore, trusted. Compile a list of blogs or businesses you might like to collaborate with and pitch them great ideas for content or a mutually beneficial link – you never know, if they love your content they may consider regular contributions, giving your brand much more exposure!

Businesses Directories

The key to successful link building is relevancy. The days of adding your site to every business directory around have been and gone – to be successful, do some research on local business directories, contact your local chamber of commerce or target directories that are specific to your industry or that your target audience is most likely to use. search Engines will actually ignore those ‘umbrella’ directories, so don’t bother wasting your time.

Mix up your strategy

While quality backlinks are always a good thing, by narrowing your link building to one or two tactics you will limit your business reach. To make the most of your link building strategy, try combining a number of different techniques such as recommendations from trusted sites or highly recommended individuals and high Social Media engagement. Changing your tactics will increase

Do some spring cleaning

Broken backlinks can have a negative impact on your rankings, and so taking the time out to clear away any broken links is crucial. Focusing on links that are of poor quality or are irrelevant will hugely improve your quality rankings in the long term.

How can SEO Yorkshire help with your Link Building Strategy?

As good links build up your page’s authority and improve its SEO value, it’s crucial if you’re looking to rank in those top spots. If you still think you need a helping hand, our dedicated team of SEO experts know all the best tips and tricks to create a winning backlink strategy for your business. Whether you’re looking for more information, would like to get started or simply want to find out about our full range of services, why not contact us today? Our team are super friendly and are always up for a cuppa!

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